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Ringwood in Hampshire County is historic England and a landmark and tourist attraction in its own right. The experience includes pub and wine walks and a traditional English atmosphere. The town is only 10 miles north of the large southern coastal town of Bournemouth. Be warned prices are high in this quaint town of 14,000, but don't forget to enjoy its fine dining, fashion, and coffee shops!

In addition to the English town, there are also a handful of others with this name. There is a Ringwood city in New Jersey of around 12,000, and a wealthy village of Ringwood in Illinois of less than a thousand. Ringwood is also a Melbourne, Australia suburb of around 15,000. There is also a blossoming hamlet in Ontario, Canada, which is rich in culture and history.

The famous town of Ringwood, England is welcoming and luxurious, so spend carefully and enjoy the attractions!!

Ringwood, England Bed and Breakfasts:
Amberwood B & B - from 30 per night
Bordering New Forest National Park
Little Forest Lodge - from 45 per night
1.5 miles NE of Ringwood
in New Forest National Park
Mooretown Lodge - from 73 on weeknights

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